About Label

The Bhakti Fallary brand was established in 2016 and offers contemporary apparel and evening wears for women. The apparel will be of the highest quality yet demonstrating simplicity at the same time. Bhakti Fallary thank all her mentors who have supported her since the beginning of her career and to those who helped her in bringing the Bhakti Fallary label.

Design Philosophy

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world. Fashion is the mirror in which societies and cultures are recognizing and identifying themselves. Even though fashion is a rather aesthetic character, it implies at the same time ethical aspect.

I believe that Simplicity gives a wing to mankind, which soars her above the earth and hence “Bhakti Fallary” design philosophy is based on the simplicity and comfort of the clothes rather than complexity. “Bhakti Fallary” label would also aDempt to weave different cultures into a modern silhoueDes for every day new age women. This label would be obsessed with the idea of quality and would be classic and timeless. Through this label I would present the sacredness and simplicity of a women’s body with a combination of traditions, cultures and western form of design and a touch of couture techniques; wearing which young women feel comfortable, confident and empowered to draw out their natural beauty.  – Bhakti Fallary.